About Me & My MIssion

My name is Elena Marshall, native Texan and Christian momma to 8 beautiful blessings, 1 large fur baby, a sweet ol' kitten and a whole bunch of ducks! 

As we raise our family in the beautiful rural New England, I have been on a journey to find WHOLE LIVING SOLUTIONS. The journey has included everything from learning about more natural ways to live and eat, finding nontoxic and eco-friendly ways to clean our home, using safer skincare and makeup, striving to become better stewards of what we’ve been given, and doing our best to live a joy filled life while experiencing a whole host of health challenges (including many autoimmune issues & childhood cancer).  

While I don’t have all of the answers, my goals here are to share with you my experiences and knowledge so that I can help you save time & money, in addition to joining you in your journey on finding WHOLE LIVING SOLUTIONS. I will also continue to learn with you. I am praying you will find helpful information here and encouragement as we do this thing called life!

You should know: I believe in the “good, better, best” method of making choices, while allowing for “real life” circumstances. We will focus on progress, not perfection!

In our home, we are a 'kitchen family', and it is very common for us to fill our kitchen with friends (new and lifelong) and make memories playing board games, making large meals, and laughing until the wee hours.

I love getting together with friends around the table and sharing tips, recipes and giggles with a cup of something warm in my hand ~ so …..WELCOME to my ‘table’! 

Grab a mug of something warm and let’s chat. I look forward to getting to know you as we walk along this journey together. 

Keepin' it real, Elena