Easy Peasy Pad thai

Making Pad Thai used to be a recipe that I found daunting. I would over think it and then decide not to do it all. I always felt like I wouldn’t have enough time and the clean up would be too much, yada yada yada……🙄

Not too long ago, I was really craving some and didn’t feel like paying $7 for a bowl of it, I mean, it’s mostly noodles; who wants to pay $7 for noodles ?, not me! So, I set out to find a recipe that I could modify/cheat on to make it simple and quick! Since I hardly EVER follow a recipe exactly how it was written, that part was easy for me. 😉

In addition, in this time of chaos and trying to stay home rather than be out and about going store to store, I also had to consider what ingredients I already had in my pantry so I could avoid going to the store. 

Now I will add right here that I had one ingredient (tamarind concentrate) that you might not have in your pantry, but you can grab it on Amazon or in your local store on the aisle that has international foods. If you don’t want to buy it at all and are ready to make this recipe now, you will see that I noted substitutions I found online (I have not tried them, but I trust them).

Also, I made this recipe in a large batch, so feel free to cut the amounts in half if it works better for your family; but, once you taste it, you might regret not having leftovers in your fridge! 😉

On that note, here we go!

You need: 

~1-2 packages asian rice noodles (the ones that look like linguini are our favorite) 

*place them in a bowl and put HOT tap water over them and let them soak while you make the rest of the recipe

~a protein, I used chicken but you could use shrimp or tofu or none at all!

~coconut aminos or soy sauce

~fish sauce

~tamarind concentrate *read further for substitutions*

~cane sugar


~green onions

~about 30 minutes--see, easy peasy!

Begin cooking:

2-3 chicken breasts (sliced thinly and in bite-size pieces)

*cook in a large pot until almost completely cooked and then add the green onions, noodles and sauce (in that order)

.....while the chicken is cooking, work on your sauce.


⅓ cup coconut aminos *if you want to use soy sauce instead of this, you’ll want to use less as it will be too salty (you can always add more later before eating)

½ cup fish sauce *I use Red Boat-I have tried others and if you use a different one, use a little less so you don’t end up with it tasting ‘fishy’

3 ½ T tamarind concentrate (if you don’t have that, you can try ½ cup lime juice mixed with ¼ cup brown sugar dissolved in it)

4 T raw cane sugar

1 lime sliced in wedges for garnish

Green onions for garnish 

Traditionally, this dish is topped with crushed peanuts, chopped cilantro, and fresh bean sprouts. In this recipe, I did not use them at all and the dish was still outstanding! 

Keep in’ it real,